2015 in Review

Posted on Thursday, Dec 31, 2015
We’ve made it through two years of ADO! It seems like only yesterday that we recorded our first year-end episode (which you can listen to at arresteddevops.com/27). And we’re back again to talk about what 2015 was for us, in the world of DevOps, and the world of ADO. Plus, Matt and Bridget wax nostalgic about cable management from when we managed data centers.

Show Notes


  • ChefConf (all three hosts were speakers, and we actually were in the same place at the same time!)
  • DevOpsDays Rockies (Matt was a speaker)
  • ALM Forum (Matt gave his 5 love languages talk)
  • DevOpsDays Minneapolis (Bridget was an organizer, Matt did an ignite about @petechesbot)
  • ThatConference (Matt gave a talk)
  • DevOpsDays Detroit (Matt gave a couple talks)
  • Bridget spoke at about 23 events, including oscon, velocity NY and Amsterdam, Chef Conf, QCon, and more. And she’ll be giving a tutorial at oscon in May.
  • Bridget also went on tour with her team, which was pretty awesome.

Memorable Episodes

ADO Updates

  • No new hosts added this year, but it’s the first full year being “staffed up”, whatever that means
  • We sometimes do eps without all the hosts! Which allows for a bit more scheduling flexibility
  • Redesigned the website! This means now if you find errata in the show notes, etc, you can go right ahead and send the fixes to us via pull requests at github.com/arresteddevops/ado-hugo
  • Stats!
    • 14,361 visits in 2014
    • 24,293 visits in 2015
    • 76,655 listens in 2014
    • 204,001 listens in 2015
    • Most listened to episode - the Docker episode (devops means docker, right?)
    • In 2014, averaged between 2,500 - 3,000 audio listens/downloads
    • In 2015, we now average between 5,000 and 7,000 downloads (double!)
    • Most watched YouTube video was the Microsoft episode
  • We’ve had a lot of awesome linkage this year, and we appreciate everyone who links to our epsiodes!

Check Outs



  • Fallout 4 was pretty cool


Podcast Recommendation

Software Defined Talk (they need a more memorable URL)


Trevor Hess

Trevor Hess

Adding his bio late enough for it to be a cutout stuffed in the playbill, Trevor Hess is a Software Consultant at 10th Magnitude. Usually writing .NET applications on Azure, he always appreciates new challenges. Between exceedingly nerdy anecdotes and useless facts lay some opinions and thoughts about how we build software and teams. Trevor has been seen previously in such shows as “The Fantasticks” and “Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Computer Screen”.

Matty Stratton

Matty Stratton

Matty Stratton is a solutions architect at Chef, where he demonstrates how Chef’s automation platform provides speed and flexibility to clients’ infrastructure. He is devoted to concepts like Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code, and his license plate actually says “DevOps”. He lives in Chicago and has an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, Firefly, and Game of Thrones. And whiskey.