2016 Year-End Extravaganza

Posted on Saturday, Dec 31, 2016
Matt, Trevor, and Bridget chat (at length) about podcasts, podcast recording, and podcast recording software. Oh, and the highlights of 2016 if they get around to it.

Show Notes

Matt, Trevor, and Bridget chat (at length) about podcasts, podcast recording, and podcast recording software. Oh, and the highlights of 2016 if they get around to it. (Don’t miss the supercut of all 2016’s cold opens, which was edited by Joe, even though Matt takes credit for it!)

What were some of your favorite episodes?

Let’s talk numbers


  • 16K visitors to the website
  • 46% of traffic comes from search
  • 16% comes from referrals, mostly Twitter (Twitter is 6% of all traffic)
  • 1% of our traffic comes from the hugo site itself (our site generator)


Website updates

  • Didn’t change much, but we list episode numbers now (maybe we’ll add dates sometime)

Other improvements

  • Matt did a session with Daniel J. Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast (we were a featured podcast eval in Podcasters Society) and we got a whole bunch of ideas on how to improve the show - some of which we have already started to implement). You can check out our outstanding issues on GitHub
  • Welcome to Joe as our main audio editor!

What happened with you in 2016?


  • Didn’t travel much - only spoke once twice - once at Pink16, and once at a Cloudbees conference in Chicago
  • Only went to one devopsdays - Chicago. I’m failing!
  • Hey, I got married


  • 28 talks. Give or take. A few of those were at devopsdays - I made it to London, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Havana, Philadelphia, Madison, Sydney - and of course ran Minneapolis.
  • Counting North America Joe and I hit 5 continents this year. And I was going to travel less. Instead, all the airline status. Rethinking next year. Maybe get into webinars?
  • Devopsdays: growing! New core team! New cities!


  • I spoke 3 times this year, but got to attend so many more conferences than before
  • I was literally on the other side of the planet to my usual place of existence for the first time.
  • I moved to LA
  • I work for Chef now!

Check Outs




  • There’s this thing called Minecraft I “discovered” via my kids.
  • Also reminder about code.org and everyone is talking about Hour of Code
  • It’s been super retro time for Matt as he re-read a bunch of the Dragonlance books, and discovered a bunch he hadn’t read, including The Soulforge.

Community & Event Stuff

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Open CFPs

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Matty Stratton

Matty Stratton

Matty Stratton is a customer architect at Chef, where he demonstrates how Chef’s automation platform provides speed and flexibility to clients’ infrastructure. He is devoted to concepts like Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code, and his license plate actually says “DevOps”. He lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife Andrea, and his three kids, Henry, Joey, and Sophia. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, Firefly, and Game of Thrones. And whiskey.

Trevor Hess

Trevor Hess

Adding his bio late enough for it to be a cutout stuffed in the playbill, Trevor Hess is a Software Consultant at 10th Magnitude. Usually writing .NET applications on Azure, he always appreciates new challenges. Between exceedingly nerdy anecdotes and useless facts lay some opinions and thoughts about how we build software and teams. Trevor has been seen previously in such shows as “The Fantasticks” and “Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Computer Screen”.

Bridget Kromhout

Bridget Kromhout

Bridget Kromhout is a Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if ‘cloud’ can be considered tangible). After 15 years as an operations engineer, she traded being on call for being on a plane. A frequent speaker and program committee member for tech conferences, she leads the devopsdays organization globally and the devops community at home in Minneapolis. She podcasts with Arrested DevOps, blogs at bridgetkromhout.com, and is active in a Twitterverse near you.