Who Owns Your Availability? With Charity Majors and Pete Cheslock

Posted on Friday, Mar 25, 2016
Who owns your availability? Recent events in the npm community have rekindled the perennial discussion about dependency management and controlling points of potential failure. Long-time operations professionals Charity Majors (Hound) and Pete Cheslock (Threat Stack) join the ADO crew to discuss.

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Charity Majors

Charity Majors

Cofounder and CTO of Honeycomb, a new startup focused on mining machine data. Previously running infrastructure at Parse, engineering manager at Facebook. Worked with the RocksDB team to build and deploy world’s first Mongo+Rocks in production. Likes single malt scotch.

Pete Cheslock

Pete Cheslock

As the head of Threat Stack’s operations and support teams, Pete Cheslock is focused on delivering the highest level of service, reliability, and customer satisfaction to Threat Stack’s growing user base. An industry veteran with over 15 years’ experience in operations, Pete understands the challenges and issues faced by security, development, and operations professionals every day, and how they can help. Prior to Threat Stack, Pete held senior positions at Dyn and Sonian, where he built, managed, and developed automation and release engineering teams and projects.