CareerOps With Jill Jubinski and Peter Burkholder

Posted on Thursday, Jul 14, 2016
Oh no! You’ve been laid off. How can you bounce back? Jill Jubinski and Peter Burkholder help guide you through returning to the good fight of gainful employment.

Show Notes

Notes from 2016 DevOps Days DC session on DR for your career:

Severance agreement timelines: Employee Checklist: What to Do When Your Employer Offers You a Severance Agreement … Esp: “If your employer has not given you a reasonable amount of time, or rushes your decision, this is a red flag…If you are being rushed, ask for more time [in writing]”

How to bounce back: Let folks know - Mike Fiedler and Annie Hedgpeth had good examples on Twitter recently.

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  • Newly obsessed with this site (and not just because I’m being interviewed for it in a month or so) Its super interesting to read about how people do their day to day activities from all different industry/skill backgrounds





Further Listening

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Jill Jubinski

Jill Jubinski

Jill Jubinski is a recruiting veteran with over 6 years of recruiting experience in the community. She received her Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with plans to change the way organizations treated their employees. When that didn’t work out she started recruiting ;-) Jill leans on her strength in relationship building as a jumping off point to help organizations build amazing teams and genuinely cares about the health and wellness of an organization’s culture. She is also known to chat incessantly about her dogs and give hugs like they are going out of style.