Containers and Security With Ben Hughes and Jessie Frazelle

Containers and Security With Ben Hughes and Jessie Frazelle (ADO63)

Bridget chats with lovable reprobate/returning guest Ben Hughes (Etsy) and badass container expert Jessie Frazelle (Mesosphere) about everyone’s favorite topic: security.

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Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is not a CTO, is not an award winning thought leader, nor an accomplished playwright. He is however a senior security engineer at Etsy. Before that he was breaking operations at Puppet Labs. He’s also pretended to be a build engineer for cold hard cash, but he’d really rather not talk about it. He’s spoken at conferences throughout the world on subjects such as security, devops, and security and devops.

Jessie Frazelle

Jessie Frazelle

Jessie Frazelle is on the security team at Mesosphere working on multi-tenancy for DCOS. She also recently worked on adding seccomp in Docker. She is typecast as the person who runs everything in containers including desktop apps. Nerd by day, rap battle champion by night.