Deserted Island DevOps 2021

Posted on Friday, Jan 7, 2022
One of the most innovative and popular virtual conferences of 2020 was Deserted Island Devops. The event was back again in 2021, and Matty chatted with organizers and speakers about what made this event so special.

Show Notes



Austin Parker

Austin Parker

Austin makes problems with computers, and sometimes solves them. He’s an open source maintainer, observability nerd, devops junkie, and poster. You can find him ignoring HN threads and making dumb jokes on Twitter. He wrote a book about distributed tracing, taught some college courses, streams on Twitch, and also ran a DevOps conference in Animal Crossing.

Katy Farmer

Katy Farmer

Katy is a developer, writer, and storyteller who is always learning something new. She has worked in Developer Relations for three years, and loves connecting with new communities. She has been described by both strangers and loved ones as “chaotic” and “a little much”.

Ana Margarita Medina

Ana Margarita Medina (she/her)

Ana Margarita is currently working as a Senior Chaos Engineer at Gremlin, helping companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. Before Gremlin, she has worked at various-sized companies including Google, Uber, SFEFCU, and Miami-based startup. Ana is an internationally recognized speaker and has spoken at: AWS re:Invent, KubeCon, DockerCon, DevOpDays, AllDayDevOps, Write/Speak/Code, and many others. Catch her tweeting at @Ana_M_Medina about traveling, diversity in tech, and mental health.

Rin Oliver

Rin Oliver (they/them)

Rin is a Technical Community Builder at Camunda. They enjoy discussing all things open source, with a particular focus on diversity in tech, improving hiring pipelines in OSS for those that are neurodivergent, and removing accessibility barriers to learning programming. Rin is also a Member of Kubernetes, a contributor to Spinnaker, involved in the Kubernetes Contributor Experience SIG, and is a Storyteller on the Kubernetes Upstream Marketing Team. When not immersed in all things OSS and cloud-native, they can be found hanging out with their wife and pets, making candles, cooking, or gaming.

Angelina Uno-Antonison

Angelina Uno-Antonison (She/Her)

Angelina is a software developer whom has been messing with computers since she was a tot. Angelina works as a software architect in the Center for Computational Genomics and Data Science under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Worthey within the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Medicine. Outside work, Angelina helps organizing a local tech conference, WeRockIT Conf, and mentors within the community. Beyond work she freelances as a french horn player, enjoys k-dramas, plays video and board games, and adventures with her kiddos.

Arri Blais

Arri Blais (She/Her)

Arri is a software frontend engineer and accessibility advocate. Currently she is working at Embark Vet making frontends better for all pet owners. On the weekends she can be found on a river or lake somewhere in her kayak or hiking up some mountains with friends.

Jack Knives

Jack Knives (she/they)

Jack is currently the Lead Devops Engineer at Moda Operandi, and actively encourages other organizations to join in the effort to devops-ify their platforms. A relative newcomer to the conference world, Jack hopes to further evangelize their experiences at future events. In her free time, she likes cooking new foods, caring for her houseplants, and engaging with birds.

Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria

As LogDNA’s Developer Advocate, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work. She bridges the gap between external developers and SREs and internal engineering teams. Apart from work, she co-hosts Austin DevOps, taught Python for Women Who Code Austin for many years, and volunteers with DevOpsDays Austin. Outside of tech, Laura runs, plays with her dogs, throws discs, and watches clouds—the real kind

Serena Tiede

Serena Tiede (They/Them)

Serena Tiede is a SRE at Optum, a healthcare technology company that manages everything from the delivery of care to the management of patient data. Currently the day job focuses on building observability systems. At home they obsess with all things ARM and dabbling into the internals of linux with a side of assembly nonsense.


Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton (he/him)

Matty Stratton is the Director of Developer Relations at Aiven, a well-known member of the DevOps community, and a global organizer of the DevOpsDays set of conferences.

Matty has over 20 years of experience in IT operations and is a sought-after speaker internationally, presenting at Agile, DevOps, and cloud engineering focused events worldwide. Demonstrating his keen insight into the changing landscape of technology, he recently changed his license plate from DEVOPS to KUBECTL.

He lives in Chicago and has three awesome kids, whom he loves just a little bit more than he loves Diet Coke.