Dev to Ops

Posted on Thursday, Aug 28, 2014
What does the journey from a background based in Development and moving to an Ops role feel like?

Show Notes

You Suck at Technical Interviews

John Vincent - DevOps The Title Match

Learn Linux

Check Outs


ConEmu (Console Emulator):


Nueske’s slab bacon


Jez Humble’s ChefConf talk



Encourage extension Visual Studio


Lumosity Mobile


Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson

18 years of experience with internet-centric technologies, which lends both a breadth and depth of knowledge. Also, an almost obsessive passion for matching the right technology with qualified business goals and opportunities.

John Smyth

John Smyth

As a teenager, John moved from Chicago to a small, ultra-conservative midwestern town where dancing and Rock and Roll music had been banned. Against all odds, he successfully lead a rebellion to abolish the outmoded ban, winning the heart of the minister’s daughter along the way. Currently, Mr. Smyth is a Senior Consultant with 10th Magnitude.

Aaron Blythe

Aaron Blythe

Aaron has worked in Software for over a decade. He is happiest when working in Ruby on Linux or Mac, specifically Chef. However will work on whatever the project needs to get done. He is genuinely curious and interested in understanding things and making them better.