DevOps Mythbusters

DevOps Mythbusters (ADO6)

On this episode of Arrested DevOps Matt and Trevor are  joined by some of the finest minds in DevOps podcastery - Damon Edwards of DevOps Cafe and Sascha Bates of The Ship Show. The panel addresses some common beliefs on DevOps, and whether these beliefs are true…or just MYTHS.

Show Notes


The intro You’re either DevOps or you’re not

The Company Management Beliefs DevOps only works for startups or web companies. DevOps doesn’t scale. You can’t do DevOps without being Agile

Business Semantics Shops practicing DevOps should have a DevOps team. We can’t do DevOps because we need separation of duties.

The Team Operations Assumptions DevOps means “developers do operations work” A DevOps is a sysadmin that uses config mgmt. DevOps is about hiring sysadmins who code.

Developer Expectations DevOps means developers get admin access in production Developers cannot be trusted.

The Tools DevOps only works with Open Source tools and operating systems (i.e., I can’t do DevOps in a Microsoft shop) The tools promote the DevOps cultural change.

The wrap up -  DevOps doesn’t work.

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Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards

Co-host of DevOps Cafe. The Pat Hughes to John’s Ron Santo.

Sascha Bates

Sascha Bates

Configuration management genius. Crewmember at The Ship Show. Opinions, she can haz.