Doing Releases Right With Scott Hain

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021
Releasing software is more that just having a clever pipeline. Scott Hain (Hashicorp) digs into some of the practical considerations of improving your release engineering process.


Scott Hain

Scott Hain

Long time release engineer, mainframe whisperer, problem solver, quality engineer, devopsy person who has seen quite a few amazing and bizarre things in his time in the industry. Currently focused on product quality at Hashicorp. Lives in Seattle and has a loud tuxedo cat his coworkers seem to like more than they like him.


Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton is a Staff Developer Advocate at Pulumi and the global chair of the DevOpsDays set of conferences.

Matt has over 20 years of experience in IT operations and is a sought-after speaker internationally, presenting at Agile, DevOps, and cloud engineering focused events worldwide. Demonstrating his keen insight into the changing landscape of technology, he recently changed his license plate from DEVOPS to KUBECTL.

He lives in Chicago and has three awesome kids, whom he loves just a little bit more than he loves Diet Coke. Matt is the keeper of the Thought Leaderboard for the DevOps Party Games online game show and you can find him on Twitter at @mattstratton.