Open Source With Phil Dibowitz

Open Source With Phil Dibowitz (ADO55)

Matt is joined by Facebook Production Engineer Phil Dibowitz to talk about the state of Open Source today, the changes it has gone through in his career, as well as some of the best ways to get started in the world of Open Source.

Show Notes

  • Panel Discussion from ChefConf 2015: Have Your Bets on Open Paid Off? Moderated by Cade Metz, Wired Magazine Panelists: Mark Russinovich (Microsoft), Jeff Arcuri (Gap), Phil Dibowitz (Facebook)

  • Errata: “We’re no longer an airline. We’re a software company with wings.” Matt’s quote at 17:02 was from Alaska Airlines, not United Airlines.

Phil Dibowitz

Phil Dibowitz

Phil Dibowitz has been working in systems engineering for 12 years and is currently a production engineer at Facebook. Initially, he worked on the traffic infrastructure team, automating load balancer configuration management, as well as designing and building the production IPv6 infrastructure. He now leads the team responsible for rebuilding the configuration management system from the ground up. Prior to Facebook, he worked at Google, where he managed the large Gmail environment, and at Ticketmaster, where he co-authored and open sourced a configuration management tool called Spine. He also contributes to, and maintains, various open source projects and has spoken at conferences and LUG’s on a variety of topics from Path MTU Discovery to X509.