Punk Rock DevOps With Jay Gordon

Punk Rock DevOps With Jay Gordon (ADO106)

In this edition of “big guys with beards and tattoos”, MongoDB Developer Advocate Jay Gordon waxes philosophical about the change from being on-call to being a tech evangelist, what went wrong with the GitHub memcached DDoS, and the role of fast food in DevOps.

Show Notes

What is devrel anyway?

DevOps Music Playlist

  • Wolverine Blues - Entombed
  • Heartwork - Carcass
  • Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis
  • You Will Never Be One Of Us - Nails
  • Highway 101 - Social Distortion
  • Raining Blood - Slayer
  • Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
  • Piles of Little Arms - Morbid Angel
  • Set It Off - Madball
  • Caboose - Snapcase
  • Rise Above - Black Flag
  • Last Caress - Misfits
  • Straight Edge - Minor Threat
  • Nervous Breakdown - Black Flag
  • Who are You?? - Void

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Community & Event Stuff

Where are we going to be?

Matt will be at the devops meetup in MSP on March 20 and then home for a bit. In April he’ll be at DrupalCon in Nashville, Devopsdays Des Moines, and GOTO Chicago. See mattstratton.com/speaking for more.

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Lots of devopsdays: https://www.devopsdays.org/speaking/

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Check Outs

  • Muzzle - simple mac app that turns off notifications when you are screen sharing
  • Tailor - iOS app that automatically detects overlapping screenshots and merges them
Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon is a Cloud Developer Advocate at MongoDB in in New York City. Prior to that, Jay was a SysAdmin and DevOps professional at places like Datapipe, BuzzFeed and DigitalOcean.