Catching Up With Steven Murawski

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Show Notes

Trevor chats with Steven Murawski of Microsoft about Azure DevOps, Windows Terminal and all the cool things from Microsoft Build 2019.


Steven Murawski

Steven Murawski

Steven is a Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft. Steven leads the Ops Advocate team focused on DevOps, SRE, and Cloud Native scenarios with Azure (and is a founding member of the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates). Steven is an active member of the Chef and WinOps communities and a maintainer for several open source projects, including Chef, Habitat, and Test-Kitchen.


Trevor Hess

Trevor Hess

Trevor Hess is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Software working on Chef Software. He currently works on the Chef Application Delivery, Compliance and Infrastructure offerings.

Coming from a background in .NET Software Development and consulting, he has worked with several large multinational organizations to help kick start their journey to the cloud and the world of DevOps practices and principals. He is excited to engage in new experiences, and learning opportunities.

Trevor enjoys having hearty discussions about DevOps as well organizational change and transformation.