Test Driven Infrastructure With Arthur Maltson and Michael Goetz

Test Driven Infrastructure With Arthur Maltson and Michael Goetz (ADO48)

Testing your infrastructure code is critical. But exactly HOW do you go about doing this? Matt talks with Arthur Maltson and Michael Goetz about using tools such as Test Kitchen, Chef Audit Mode, InSpec, and Chef Compliance to help you build confidence in your infracode.

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Arthur Maltson

Arthur Maltson

Arthur Maltson is a Software Developer who’s 70% Dev and 30% Ops. He’s currently practicing DevOps during the day and, as a husband and father he’s also doing DadOps at night. Arthur embodies the Full Stack developer with his passion for infrastructure automation, API crafting, front end development and making work fun by introducing and/or building new tools. In his spare time Arthur spends far too much time trying to keep up with the latest tech. He also occasionally blogs, Tweets and commits to OSS.

Michael Goetz

Michael Goetz

Michael is the Solutions Engineering Manager for Chef’s Solution Engineering team, where he helps customers with distributed teams work safely and quickly with Chef to manage their infrastructure. He has several years of automation, systems and configuration management experience across many different types of businesses. An avid woodworker, Michael loves to spend time crafting furniture when he’s not helping others solve their technical problems.