Episode 38 – Career DevOps

Hackert, Jeff

In this episode, Jeff Hackert discusses developing your career in DevOps. Panel   Checkouts Jeff Lyssa Adkins – Coaching intensive http://www.amazon.com/Coaching-Agile-Teams-ScrumMasters-Addison-Wesley/dp/0321637704 DevOps Marie Kondo – Can You Learn to Lead? – Duff McDonald “We can make people more conscious of ethical dilemmas in business, of the difficulty of directing people in times of adversity, and…

Episode 37 – Disasters!


In this episode, Stephanie Van Dyk and Mark Imbriaco discuss how to communicate and how to recover in the event of complete disasters. Panel   Checkouts Stephanie catehuston.com, Accidentally in Code www.catehuston.com USDS https://www.whitehouse.gov/digital/united-states-digital-service Mark Pre-Accident Podcast http://preaccidentpodcast.podbean.com/e/pre-accident-podcast/ Destiny (the Game) http://www.destinythegame.com Bridget http://www.seedsavers.org – Organic heirloom seeds http://csel.eng.ohio-state.edu/woods/distributed/CG%20final.pdf “Common Ground and Coordination in Joint…

Episode 36 – Dr. BOFH, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the DevOps


In this episode, “reformed” Bastard Operators From Hell Yvo van Doorn, Chris Read, and Kevin Hubbard discuss how the industry and their jobs have changed over time, especially with the advent of DevOps. Panel   Checkouts Chris Liz Keogh – Perverse Incentives (http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Learning-and-Perverse-Incentives) GOTO Conference Chicago 2015 Closing Keynote by Anita Sengupta from NASA JPL was…

Episode 35 – DevOps and Marketing

Marketing departments are often told, “Don’t use the term ‘DevOps’ incorrectly!” But exactly HOW should our marketing peers use that term? How can we effectively talk about DevOps in the marketing space? Shannon Smith from 10th Magnitude and Jason Hand from VictorOps joined us to discuss this heated topic.  

Episode 32 – Starting a New DevOps Job


Starting any new job can be a mix of fun, excitement, and nervousness. But what about when you’re coming into a DevOps-oriented organization? What are some of the special challenges entering a collaborative, “blameless” place of work? Katherine Daniels and Jake Champlin join us to discuss their recent experiences of starting at some pretty exciting…

Episode 31 – Docker! Docker! Docker!

Docker Docker Docker

James Turnbull has traveled the world speaking about Docker, and now he’s here to tell ADO all about it. The tech, the company, and the community: James has opinions and was more than willing to share them! Panel Show Notes James Turnbull describes Docker as “a solution that is built by people to be usable…

Episode 30 – DevOps in a Microsoft World


Is DevOps just for the open source world? Can you do DevOps in a Microsoft shop? What are some of the tools and capabilities available for Windows, Azure, and .NET professionals who want to approach work in a DevOps model? Microsoft DevOps Evangelist Jessica DeVita and Jeffrey Snover, a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft and the…

Episode 29 – Hiring in a Post-DevOps World

DevOps Hiring

At DevOpsDays Ghent in 2014, it was joked that we are living in a “post-DevOps world”. What are the challenges in hiring for DevOps related jobs? We be talked with panelists on all sides of the table – recruiting, hiring, and also just some rabble-rousing about why you should stop looking for “ninjas” and “rockstars”. Digital…

Episode 28 – Incidents and Accidents: Examining Failure Without Blame


Dave Zwieback, VP of Engineering at Next Big Sound and Mike Rembetsy, VP of Technical Operations at Etsy discuss learning from the unexpected and examining failure without blame. With practical tips about technical tools and philosophical insights into the human factors and cognitive biases in play, these industry experts offer useful guidance for the thorny…

Episode 26 – The Database: The Elephant in the Room


Data – we can’t have applications or services without it. If software is eating the world, then data is the maitre’d. However, it can be challenging to incorporate database design and release into the world of continuous delivery and devops. Grant Fritchey and Jonathan Hickford of Redgate join Matt and Trevor for a discussion of…

Episode 25 – DevOps in the Enterprise


DevOps isn’t just for startups – in fact, that argument can be made that it’s even MORE important for large, enterprise-scale companies than for anyone else. What does it mean to “do DevOps” in an enterprise? Is there a different flavor of DevOps for enterprise companies? Does CAMS work at scale? Michael Ducy (CHEF Software),…

Episode 24 – Git 101


One of the reasons that DevOps can be transformative to an organization is that it shortens feedback loops – talking about CAMS, the measurement piece is where that can come into play. Anyway, in that spirit, we’re taking feedback we’ve gotten from listeners who want more detailed, technical topics, and we have an episode talking…

Episode 21 – Conference Love


Conferences – some people are addicted, and others have never been. What is the point of conferences? What’s an unconference? Why shouldn’t I just stay home and watch the livestreams? Jason Dixon (Monitorama), Bridget Kromhout (devopsdays Minneapolis), and Pete Cheslock (devopsdays Boston) give their two cents (and more) about why conferences are the place to be.