The Art of Monitoring With James Turnbull

The Art of Monitoring With James Turnbull (ADO74)

Friend of the podcast James Turnbull joins us to talk about his new book, The Art of Monitoring…and a little bit about this whole functional programming thing

Show Notes

Don’t forget to check out the book itself! The Art of Monitoring.

Back in the day, James also wrote a book called Pro Nagios 2.0.

Three stages of monitoring maturity: - Manual, user-initiated, or no monitoring (aka Bridget’s example of “we know things are broken because the customer calls us to complain”) - Reactive - Proactive

“You will eventually get to CPU, memory, and disk, but a lot later after you start with the things you should really care about” - James

“Too much monitoring is binary - this thing either works or it doesn’t” - James

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  • Cloud Foundry Summit is going on in Frankfurt right now
  • honeycomb - explorable operations metrics from Charity Majors
  • MicroBadger - for docker image inspection Liz Rice & Anne Curry at Microscaling Systems



  • InSpec has shipped 1.0! You can check it out at InSpec is compliance as code – a human-readable language for automating the continuous testing and compliance auditing of your entire infrastructure. You can also use it to verify if your servers and applications are configured correctly.
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James Turnbull

James Turnbull

James Turnbull is the author of eight technical books about open source software, including a book on Docker. He was previously the CTO at Kickstarter and in leadership roles at Docker, Venmo and Puppet. James speaks regularly at conferences including OSCON, Velocity,, FOSDEM and a number of others. He is a past president of Linux Australia, a former committee member of Linux Victoria, and was Treasurer for LCA 2008. James serves as the co-chair of O’Reilly’s Velocity conference and on the program committees of and OSCON.