Something About Security With Ben Hughes

Something About Security With Ben Hughes (ADO20)

When we talk about DevOps, often times we focus only on the two disciplines that feature in the name - Development and Operations. But DevOps, truly, is about collaboration across all areas of the business, even those security blokes. Ben Hughes, Security Manager at Etsy, joins the ADO crew to review how to work WITH your security teams, and show that they’re not really scary at all.

Show Notes

  • What exactly do you security folks do all day?
  • So let's talk about ZOMG SCARY CLOUDS
  • I'm a developer. What do I need to know to help me be pals with InfoSec?
  • Ops people know security, right? Or not?
  • Common security mistakes/misconceptions
  • How can InfoSec be better buddies with other functions?
  • Are you tired of Matt calling it "InfoSec"? Does it remind you of Information Society?

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Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is not a CTO, is not an award winning thought leader, nor an accomplished playwright. He is however a senior security engineer at Etsy. Before that he was breaking operations at Puppet Labs. He’s also pretended to be a build engineer for cold hard cash, but he’d really rather not talk about it. He’s spoken at conferences throughout the world on subjects such as security, devops, and security and devops.