DevOps in the Enterprise

DevOps in the Enterprise (ADO25)

DevOps isn’t just for startups - in fact, that argument can be made that it’s even MORE important for large, enterprise-scale companies than for anyone else. What does it mean to ‘do DevOps’ in an enterprise? Is there a different flavor of DevOps for enterprise companies? Does CAMS work at scale? Michael Ducy (CHEF Software), Ross Clanton (Target), and Steve Pereira join Matt, Trevor, and Bridget (wat?) to finally tackle this tricky topic.

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Michael Ducy

Michael Ducy

Michael “The Goat Whisperer” Ducy works for CHEF Software, where he travels all over the world and talks about goats and silos. He has a great family of 3 kids with his wife Nicole in Ohio.

Ross Clanton

Ross Clanton

DevOps enthusiast and Sr. Ops Leader with 16 years of IT experience at Target. My focus has been on introducing LEAN approaches to technology service delivery. I have led IT Ops, Engineering, IT Security, Enterprise Architecture, and Business Intelligence organizations. Through that time I’ve gained empathy for the challenges faced across different IT functions in large enterprises and perspective on the business and technology trends that are changing the industry, which has further fueled my passion for DevOps as a path forward. Beyond that, I’m a husband, father of two, Alaskan, MBA, owner of a Thai restaurant, business/technology advisor, enjoy DIY home construction, and not very good at sleep or work/life balance… My views expressed are my own…

Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira

Steve is an automation fanatic with 14 years of experience in IT and software development, currently consulting for large enterprises with Myplanet in Toronto and several small startups in his spare time. Run DevOpsTO and OpenStackTO meetups. Organizing DevOpsDays Toronto 2.0 in May.