Making the DevOps Transition

Making the DevOps Transition (ADO12)

Matt and Trevor are joined by Jeanne Steinback (Rewards Network) and Chris A (MacArthur Foundation) to chat about their real-world experiences in bringing an organization through a DevOps transition.

Show Notes


  • What problems were you trying to solve?
  • How did you (or will you) know when you are “happy”?
  • What resistance did you encounter?
  • What worked REALLY well?
  • What worked less well?
How Boeing merges its data centers with the Amazon and Microsoft clouds



Bands in Town


Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment: How to Improve Quality, Productivity, and Employee Satisfaction The Night Circus


OxDBE Jetbrains tools Chrome dev tools - change css media state


Pragmatic Programming book tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development

Chris Andreen

Chris Andreen

Currently the Director of Software Development and Application Architect for the MacArthur Foundation, I grew up on the Dev side of technology. I’ve worked for a range of different organizations with a breadth of responsibilities. I’ve worked for a Fortune 100 insurance company with plenty of corporate culture focused on BI enablement to a small startup where I was responsible for all things technology related. I believe in using the right tool for the right job and try hard not to be biased towards specific technology stacks. In my current role, I am working hard to take the lessons I’ve learned and apply them to a place whose goal is to make the world a better place.