Software Deployment

Software Deployment (ADO13)

‘It doesn’t count until it’s in production.” How can organizations level-up at delivering software and features to their customers? What are some of the good practices that DevOps can bring to your company? Matt and Trevor are joined by Ranjib Dey, system administrator at PagerDuty, to talk about ‘shipping that software.’

Show Notes

What is software delivery? There are a lot of approaches to this subject- what does “software delivery” mean at PagerDuty?

What is your idea of “best” way to deliver software, or line of best fit?

What gets in the way of companies or individuals delivering software?

-How do you mitigate and test for problems introduced by code changes? -Deployments? -Dependency issues? -External factors?

What are some patterns and anti-patterns for consistent software delivery?

On system rollback and totalised fields by Mark Burgess




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Ranjib Dey

Ranjib Dey

I am a system administrator with PagerDuty. Along with rest of our team, I try to design systems that can withstand major outages. Before joining PagerDuty, I worked at Google, ThoughtWorks etc, where I was working with private build/deployment cloud, also enabling continuous delivery & cloud adoption. I did my masters in Life Science (Bioinformatics), and I always try to create infrastructure like living systems.