Building Your Personal Brand With Andrea Javor and Michael Hedgpeth

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016
Want to be a change agent inside your organization? Your “personal brand” is a critical factor in your success. Being considered relevant both inside and outside of your organization gives weight to your opinions and recommendations, and will directly influence the impact you have. Guests Andrea Javor (Beam Suntory) and Michael Hedgpeth (NCR) discuss methods on growing your brand, without self-aggrandizing boasts or claims of “thought leadership”.

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Empathy is CI For The Soul by David Shackelford

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Andrea Javor

Andrea Javor

In her role as Sr. Director of Global Digital & Media Strategy at Beam Suntory, Andrea Javor is responsible for the organization’s global media practice. Her focus at BSI is to invest media dollars for the greatest contribution to short term sales, as well as long term brand equity, stewarding media investments across paid, owned, and earned media channels. Andrea’s team is also responsible for the Consumer Care function, responding to consumer inquiries coming in through multiple digital channels as well as bringing social media thought-leadership to the organization in the form of content creation, response strategies, and process improvements. Her team is also focused on global media analytics, using a combination of data sources to provide actionable tracking data and insights to the organization in near real time.  Beam Suntory’s roster of brands include: Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Hibiki, Yamazaki, Courvoisier, Sauza, Hornitos, and Midori.

Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth

Michael is a Software Architect at NCR working to introduce devops into their Hospitality organization. Change in large organizations require a lot of political skill, and Michael has learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. When pure technical skill wouldn’t suffice, Michael has had to discover the power of his personal brand both internally and externally in order to reach his company’s goals and his own goals.


Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton is a Staff Developer Advocate at Pulumi and the global chair of the DevOpsDays set of conferences.

Matt has over 20 years of experience in IT operations and is a sought-after speaker internationally, presenting at Agile, DevOps, and cloud engineering focused events worldwide. Demonstrating his keen insight into the changing landscape of technology, he recently changed his license plate from DEVOPS to KUBECTL.

He lives in Chicago and has three awesome kids, whom he loves just a little bit more than he loves Diet Coke. Matt is the keeper of the Thought Leaderboard for the DevOps Party Games online game show and you can find him on Twitter at @mattstratton.