Career Change Into DevOps With Michael Hedgpeth, Annie Hedgpeth, and Megan Bohl

Posted on Thursday, Feb 8, 2018
What is it like to change careers and get into tech later in life? Annie Hedgpeth and Megan Bohl tell their stories. This episode also features special guest Sonia Gupta!

Show Notes

What is it like to change careers and get into tech later in life? Annie Hedgpeth and Megan Bohl tell their stories.

This episode also features special guest Sonia Gupta!

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Annie Hedgpeth

Annie Hedgpeth

Annie Hedgpeth is a Cloud Automation Engineer at 10th Magnitude, a leading Azure consultancy, and is busy bringing healthy Chef and InSpec practices to her clients daily. Annie has long been a fan and proponent of InSpec, seeking to prove its accessibility to non-developers. She blogs about InSpec and other DevOps topics at

Megan Bohl

Megan Bohl

Megan is joining the DevOps community with more than 15 years experience in supply chain/operations and marketing in the fashion and consumer goods industries. She has recently completed an intensive 12-week DevOps and Continuous Integration program and is ready to join the workforce as a Junior DevOps Engineer.

Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth

Michael Hedgpeth leads the Application Operations and DevOps team for NCR’s Hospitality division. He’s most interested these days in applying DevOps to large organizations, teaching people how to make positive career changes, and incident management.

Sonia Gupta

Sonia Gupta

Sonia Gupta is currently a software developer at Ibotta, Inc. in Denver, CO. Prior to becoming a developer, Sonia was a lawyer in Louisiana. She served as a Public Defender in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, then as a Prosecutor, and finally as an Assistant Attorney General doing torts and Civil Rights litigation.Before initiating her career change, Sonia had no experience in programming and software development. She attended the Turing School of Software and Design where she learned best practices through a curriculum focused on Ruby and Rails development.Sonia is an outspoken advocate of diversity and inclusion in tech and in life. She is passionate about fostering empathetic and effective communication on engineering teams, and believes that even if tech can’t always change the world, technologists absolutely can.


Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton

Matt Stratton is a Transformation Specialist at Red Hat and a long-time member of the global DevOps community. Back in the day, his license plate actually said “DevOps”.

Matt has over 20 years of experience in IT operations, ranging from large financial institutions such as JPMorganChase to internet firms including He is a sought-after speaker internationally, presenting at Agile, DevOps, and ITSM focused events, including DevOps Enterprise Summit, DevOpsDays, Interop, PINK, and others worldwide. Matt is the founder and co-host of the popular Arrested DevOps podcast, as well as a global organizer of the DevOpsDays set of conferences.

He lives in Chicago and has three awesome kids, whom he loves just a little bit more than he loves Doctor Who. He is currently on a mission to discover the best phở in the world.