Devopsdays Toronto 2016

Devopsdays Toronto 2016 (ADO64)

Bridget goes to devopsdays Toronto, eh, and chats with speaker Sean Walberg (NFL), sponsor Sarah Kowalik (PagerDuty), and local organizers Steve Pereira (Statflo) and Dave Cliffe (PagerDuty). Special guest appearance by ADO editor and devopsdays Minneapolis organizer Joe Laha.

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devopsdays Toronto

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  • DevOpsDays Silicon Valley June 24, 2016 - June 25
  • DevOpsDays Minneapolis is July 20-21

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Dave Cliffe

Dave Cliffe

Dave is a software engineer who adopted a more peaceful role on the Product team at PagerDuty. Before PagerDuty, Dave worked in cloud computing at Microsoft (Windows Azure) and at launching their Grocery business. Frequently, he wonders which is scarier: being on-call during an outage or being a parent. The debate continues.

Sarah Kowalik

Sarah Kowalik

Sarah Kowalik is an Operations Engineer at PagerDuty. Previously an Ubuntu & Kubuntu Core Developer, Sarah is currently automating the DevOps world with ChatOps. Having moved across the world, she’s becoming an expert at standing on her head.

Sean Walberg

Sean Walberg

Sean is a problem solver: a software developer that loves applying software principles to infrastructure automation and web applications. Sean wanted to program most of his life, realized he didn’t like it during his first job, spent 13 years as a network guy that wrote a lot of code, joined an awesome web startup as a web developer, and has rediscovered his joy for software development. After that ended, he moved into a more devops type role where he can have his feet in both camps. He’s currently with a consulting company that’s responsible for the infrastructure and applications at a large American sporting league.

Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira

Steve is an automation fanatic with 15 years of experience in IT and software development, CTO of Statflo - making wireless customer service awesome. Runs DevOpsTO and OpenStackTO meetups. Organizing DevOpsDays Toronto’s 4th conference next May.

Joe Laha

Joe Laha

Joe Laha is an event technology professional and devopsdays Minneapolis organizer; he usually edits ADO instead of appearing on it. He enjoys cycling, homebrew, heavy metal guitar, and arguing about sci-fi TV of the 1990s.



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