Help! I Need Somebody

Help! I Need Somebody (ADO17)

Matt and Trevor are joined by Dave Gerding, as well as first ever repeat panelist Sasha Rosenbaum, to talk about how to ask for help - and how to get the best help possible with your problems and questions. There’s no shame in your game when you need some assistance!

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Sasha Rosenbaum

Sasha Rosenbaum

Sasha Rosenbaum is a fighter. Not because she was in the Israeli army, which she was; not because she immigrated to Israel without her family, which she did; and not because she willingly moved to Chicago’s winter from Israel’s warmth; but because she’s always pushing forward to solve problems. As a Senior Consultant at 10th Magnitude, Sasha turns her powerful problem solving approach to helping clients as well as to learning new technology and figuring out how apply it to projects. Before moving to Chicago, she served two years in the Israeli Air Force’s IT department (we could tell you exactly what she was doing, but then we would have to kill you), was a software engineer for Elbit Systems, Ltd, in Israel, and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science with a Focus on Bioinformatics from Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology.